If you are coming to the Basque Country you already must know about it’s gastronomy. Meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, potatoes, eggs,… all kind of real foods combinations you can imagine, we nail it. The Basque Country is famous because of it’s “bakalao al pil-pil”, “bakalao a la vizcaina”, “”txuleton a la brasa con patatas”, “tortilla de bakalao”, “tortilla de patatas”…, and of course you must know about the special and unique way we have to eat in bars: the Pintxos.

The pintxos are always mistaken by the Tapas but IT IS NOT the same. It’s true that the similitudes are related and that’s why it’s complicated to difference them, but once you know, you know! So, what is the difference between a tapa and a pintxo?

For years this question has been a reason of debate in the culinary world, and even the RAE (The Real Spanish Academy – Real Academia Española), doesn’t let the difference between them really clear either:

Tapa: “Small portion of any food that is served as an appetizer/side of a drink”

Pintxo: “Food portion taken as a snack, that sometimes is pierced by a toothpick”

So therefore, the difference, it’s also be to the interlocutor’s interpretation but we can also affirm that there’re differences between them, and that the only similarity is they have is that is a small food portion. Also, tapas is what is usually served in all Spain when you order a drink, but the only place you can eat by pintxos is in the North!

Among the differences between tapas and pintxos, the main one is that the tapa is always served on the plate, it is usually a portion of food smaller than a main course but it usually has its equivalent in the rations and main courses of the menu and you have to use silverware to eat it. Instead, the pintxo is usually served on a piece of bread or other edible base, has few ingredients that most of the subjects with a toothpick and eat one or two bites without the need for silverware.

NOW, knowing the differences between them… sure you wanna know where to eat the best PINTXOS of Bilbao. If you want to check out where to eat the best pintxos of tortilla click here.

  1. El Globo

Diputación, 8, 48008 Bilbao, España

944 15 42 21

Resultado de imagen de el globo bilbao pintxos

By popular opinion the best one is “pintxo de txangurro”. It deserves a try!

  1. La Viña Del Ensanche

Calle Diputación, 10, 48008 Bilbao

944 155 615

Pintxos - ham bruschetta and asparagus tempura: fotografía ...

Here the best pintxos you can take by popular opinión again are “pintxo de jamón” and “carrilleras”.

  1.  Plaza Nueva

It’s not a bar but a place. It’s located in the old part of the city and it’s famous because of it’s bars, it holds the most typical places to go to eat “gildas”, drink a “zurito” and spend a sunny sunday there.

Bienvenus à La Olla de la Plaza Nueva

From the bar: La olla

In the Plaza Nueva you will find the most spectacular in miniature design kitchen.

  1. Pikata Urban Burguer

Calle Henao 12, Ensanche

Pikata Urban Burger: Hamburguesas de lujo entre pintxos ...

Hambur-pintxos for 1€, the only thing you need to know. For the rest, normal hamburgers in a small typical bar of Bilbao from 6-8€ and also they have a vegan hamburger.

  1. Tirauki

Goienkale, 12, 48005 Bilbo, Bizkaia, España

944 07 04 88

Veggie Pintxos & Eating In Bilbao – Basque Country

Vegan place with delicious pintxos with good aesthetic and good ambient in one of the most famous streets and (almost) always crowded of people. Perfect for Thursdays.

  1.  Salon de Juegos

C/ General Concha, nº 1. 48008 Bilbao

944 101 971


It isn’t a bar but a game center where they serve one of the most delicious pintxos of Bilbao.

  1. Ledesma

Ledesma Musikariaren Kalea, 14, 48001 Bilbo, Bizkaia, España

944 24 85 77

Ocio en Bilbao

Also this street is full of bars. Waiting you to try their pintxos while you are drinking beer of wine.

  1. Green Bistrot

Calle Juan Ajuriaguerra Kalea, 13, 48009 Bilbo, Bizkaia, España

944 23 00 89

Green Bistrot - 5 pintxos veganos con bebida en el bar ...

Great variety of pintxos with vegan and vegetarian options.

  1. Oriotarra

Blas de Otero Kalea, 30, 48014 Bilbo, Bizkaia, España

846 66 12 90

  1. Cafeteria Swansea

Rodríguez Arias Kalea, 70, 48013 Bilbo, Bizkaia, España

944 27 74 12

Known for the tortillas. One of the best tortilla pintxos of Bilbao. They serve more kind of pintxos and they also are worth to give it a try.

Now that you know all the best places and most typical places to eat pintxos, you can’t miss to do a gastronomic tour around Bilbao, not only trying the places we have tell, but also other ones.

If you go to these bars and you have try the pintxos let us in the comments what you think about, and if you try new places let us know you opinión about them and we could make another list!


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