Are you coming to Bilbao for an Erasmus experience but have no idea where to start searching for a flat? First of all look in https://www.swiftflats.com/, the first renting page of Spain to have medical and civil insurance. Which leads to be the safest way to live abroad. Then later a good point to look for is to know the areas of the city you are going to live in, so you can choose easily what fit you better with your lifestyle.

The most common areas to live as an student are:

  • Deusto
  • San Mamés
  • Sarriko
  • Casco Viejo
  • Abando


Deusto is the most common area to live if you are going to study in Deustos University or Sarrikos because of its nearness. And if you feel like it, you can even go walking to the university of Deusto as the average time to arrive is 10 mins, which is translated as less expenses in transportation. If though you are going to study in Leioa, do not worry, the EHU-UPV is well connected with the city center. It’s 15km away from it and it takes between 15 and 30 to arrive depending on the traffic and the bus you take.

Deusto is a family urban area close to everything and the city center without being too chaotic. From Casco Viejo to Deusto is around 30-45 mins walking, all flat and straight. 10 mins in metro thought. This zone is ideal if you look to be close to the center, being able to meet with your friends and go out to party but still want to have a little calm-zone “far” from the city.

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One stop closer to the center than Deusto in metro. Really well connected to the Leioa EHU-UPV as Termibus (the bus station) is located here, the trip time’s around 15-30 mins long and the bus comes every 30 mins. If you are going to study engineering in San Mames or economy in Sarriko, this place is also a well located zone to live.

This area is famous because of Termibus and the San Mames Stadium, which goes crazy when the Athletic plays. Surrounded by bars, there is always ambient to go out and drink something with your friends after class to relax a bit, also, if you wanna eat a “pintxo de tortilla” one of the best bars to eat one is around the Stadium. Also, San Mames is close to one of the most famous and typical street to drink a couple surrounded by locals, Pozas street, just 10 mins away walking.

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Sarriko is the perfect place is you want to be near your uni, if you are going to study economics. If you are going to study in Leioa it is also a well connected place and one of the shorted trips by bus, around 15-20 mins.

This area with San Ignacio is one of the farest place to the center of Bilbao, around 15 mins to Casco Viejo by metro and almost an hour walking. It is the town of the surroundings of a city with also leads to cheaper rents, but not always as the uni is in the town.

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The old town.There is  something going on here, always. Full of people, life, markets, shops, bars, restaurants… the old and the new all combined in the same streets becoming the perfect place to find whatever you will need to. A beautiful place to live and obviously close to everything as is almost the city center (Abando and Moyua), but if your idea is to be close to the university, this is not your area. It takes around 30-40 mins by bus to arrive at Leioa, depending on what bus you take and the traffic, but if you go to San Mames or Sarriko it only takes 15mins by metro.

Casco Viejo is the place for variety, where many cultures and fashion styles coexist. You can find from typical moroccan food to typical basque food to argentinian food all in the same area, and no, I’m no kidding. It’s the most culturally rich, “all in one” area of all Bilbao.

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The center of everything. From here you can go walking everywhere in the time of 20 mins aprox. Plenty of shops and restaurants of every kind and price. 3 mins by metro to San Mames, 5 to Deusto and 7 to Sarriko. Nearby and surrounded by any kind of party too, from reggaeton to electronic and rock and basque music in Antzoki, the most famous and typical place to go if you wanna party like a local.

Estacion de Abando. Bilbao | fotos de Vacaciones

HERE is a map of the bus stations in EHU-UPV Leioa so you know which bus to take and check any other doubt you could have left.


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