Erasmus in Granada

Granada is the favourite Spanish destination for Erasmus students. Every year, close to 2.000 students from different European countries choose the University of Granada for their Erasmus stay. If you are one of those students, let me tell you that you are very lucky! Granada is one of the warmest cities of Spain and you’ll have the chance to enjoy an amazing experience there. Are you ready?

Student Accommodation in Granada

Renting an student accommodation in Granada is cheaper than renting it in other Spanish cities  like Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao. The average price for an students room in Granada is around 250€, but it changes depending on the equipment of the apartment. Another important aspect is the location, the flats close to the university or located in the city center are normally more expensive. If you preffer to live in an students residence, there are also different residences where you can stay with more students. For some people, it’s more confortable to live in an student’s residence and Granada gives you both options.

student residence granada city center inside

If you want to check more about erasmus accommodation in Granada you can do it here.

The University

The University of Granada is a public university located in Granada, Ceuta and Melilla. In fact, is the only Spanish university that owns faculties also in Africa. The University of Granada is considered to be one of the top universities of Spain and is also part of the International Campus of Excellence group.

This student center is quite famous for being one of the best places for translation studies in Spain and it’s also one of the best universities to study maths and computer sciences in the world. As you can see, this place looks amazing for students, because the learning quality is high and taking lessons in any of its campuses will help you to find a job in the future.

But there is also time for fun in Granada, so let’s see what this city can offer you!

An amazing weather

The weather in Granada is simply amazing. The winter is not so cold and it doen’t rain very much, so we can say that the weather is warm during the whole year. You need to know that it’s spcially warm during summer, it can reach 40ºC. But in general, the weather in Granada is what every Erasmus students spects from Spain, sunny almost every single day.

erasmus in granada sunsets

Don’t worry if you preffer colder weather, close to Granada we can find Sierra Nevada, a Natural Park with a very prestigious ski station. So if you like the cold and skiing, you have a perfect plan for a weekend in Sierra Nevada :D.


Being and Erasmus in Granada has many other advanteges apart from the good weather. Walking around the city, you will have the option to see different historial monuments. If you didn’t know, Granada is a very important city in the Spanish history, specially during the reign of the Catholic Kings.

La Alhambra

La Alhambra is the most visited monument of the whole country. During decades, this palace was the residence of the muslim kings. La Alhambra is located in the top of the highest hill of the city, as a way to show the power of the royal family living there. It has different parts; such as La Alcazaba (the defensive part of the building) Palacio de los Nazaríes (residential part), and finally El Generalife which includes a palace, different gardens and orchards.

erasmus in granada: alhambra monument

Since 1984, La Alhambra is World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the Modern Wonders of the World.

Cathedral of Granada

Thisreligious building is one of the most reputated buildings of the Spanish Renaissance. It was built during the XVI century, but it has being reformed many times during the last centuries. The style of the front wall is mainly renaissance, but it also includes elements from the baroque style.

granada cathedral

One of the main parts of the Cathedral is the Royal Chapel, where the Catholic Kings were buried. Apart from the kings, there are also the rest of their daughter Juana “La Loca” and her husband Felipe “El Hermoso”. The Catholic Kings choose this place to be buried after reconquering the city of Granada from the Muslims.

Granada Erasmus Association

Like in many student cities, there is an students Association that organizes different activities for Erasmus students in Granada: Granada Erasmus. This association organizes trips, meetings and parties for all the exchange students of the city. If you want to travel and meet new people, you should definitely join their activities.

They also have a membership card (worth 6€) that will allow you to have discounts in their activities and in many local shops of Granada.

As you have seen, Granada can offer you many things during your Erasmus stay. It’s up to you to decide if you want to live them or not!

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