Are you moving to Madrid? The capital city of Spain offers you the chance to live an unforgettable experience! Madrid offers you everything: fun, big shops, cultural spots, amazing views, good restaurants…But you can make this experience bigger if you choose to live in La Latina while you study in Madrid.

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There are different centric areas in the city, but La Latina is the best one for students, because you will find hundreds of students like you chilling or having a beer there. La Latina is located in the Centro district of the city and is part of the area known as “Madrid de los Austrias”.

One of the most popular spots of La Latina (and one of the best known meeting points of Madrid) is la Plaza de la Cebada. This Square also hosts one of the most popular markets of the city: Mercado de la Cebada; and the popular Theatre La Latina. As you can see, the neighborhood is linked with culture and tradition in different ways, so you could breathe the Spanish tradition in every step.

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Walking through La Latina is also fascinating due to the monuments you can enjoy. One of the most visited places is Puerta de Toledo. This historical gate was projected during Jose Bonaparte’s reign, who became the King of Spain when Napoleón conquered Spain. Besides this, when the Spanish King Fernando VII recovered the crown, this door was inaugurated as a monument in his honour.

Another important point for tourists is Basílica de San Francisco, one of the most impressive christian temple of Madrid. This church was built during the 18th century following the neoclassic style. The most important part of this building is the huge dome, the third in size of the whole christianity.

But La Latina offers you more things apart from culture. La Latina is very known for being one of the best areas to go for a beer and to eat the traditional Spanish tapas. Every weekend, La Latina is full of young people enjoying the bars and terraces. There is no place for boredom in La Latina, just seat in a bar with your friends, order a beer and enjoy the day.

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Every 15th of May, La Latina becomes one of the most busy areas of Madrid because of the celebration of San Isidro, the most important festivity of the city. The best part to enjoy this festivity is Jardines de las Vistillas, where thousands of chulapos and chulapas meet to celebrate this festivity singing, drinking and dancing all day long. But the best comes during the night, when live concerts start and Jardines de las Vistillas looks like a summer music festival. San Isidro is one of the main reasons to study in Madrid.

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If you plan to study in Madrid next year, you can take a look to the available student accomodation in Madrid.

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