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Looking for student accommodation in Madrid?

Are you looking for student accommodation in Madrid? Well, if that’s your case, you have already realized that it’s not that easy to find an accommodation that fits you at all: close to the university, close to the party area, next to the city centre and of course, not so expensive. In this post we will try to show you the advantages and disadvantages of living in the different areas of Madrid  and giving you some tips you may have into account when choosing a housing in the capital city of Spain. Let’s know the best neighborhoods of Madrid!

Student Accommodation in Madrid by districts:


student accommodation in madrid

The city centre of Madrid is one of the best places to live, without any doubt. You can choose between living in Sol, near the Square where every year Spanish people starts the year with the ceremony called “Las Campanadas” and followed by a huge party. There is always people in this area is the centre of the capital city and it’s always crowded. Having a walk across Gran Vía is always a good idea.  Apart from that, Sol is also a good place for student’s nightlife, there are many places where you can have fun, like Joy Eslavathe most reputeted club in this area. Regarding the prices, it’s not difficult to find an student accommodation in Madrid City Centre starting at 350€ near Sol area. If your university is close to this area, this choice is perfect for you!

La Latina

la latina student accommodation

La Latina is also a very centric area, it’s very close to Sol and other centric areas. This part of the city is very known for having the best vibe of the city. The narrow streets of La Latina normally finish in an square, such as La Cebada, La Paza or the biggest open air market of the city: El Rastro. But what makes this area special is the good vibe during weekends and every afternoon during spring. La Latina is full of bars and terraces and people from every single corner of Madrid goes to La Latina to have beer and tapas. It’s always full of students and young people, so it can be a good spot to practice your Spanish while you drink a beer. There are a lot of rooms for students available for students in La Latina, you can rent an student room from 350€ and you can find bigger rooms at 500€.


malasaña madrid student accommodation

Malasaña is undoubtedly the hipster neighborhood of Madrid, the best place for alternative people. The history of this neighborhood is quite interesting, it’s name comes from Manuela Malasaña, a local  heroine during the revolution against French army in 1808. But the cultural origin of Malasaña comes from the 80’s decade, when a cultural and musical revolution called La Movida shaked the city and the whole country. It’s important to know that the democracy came back to Spain on 1978 after 40 years of dictatorship and this revolution changed youth’s mind. Nowadays the alternative vibe of the area is one of the most famous od Madrid’s nightlife. The price for a room in Malasaña starts at 400€.


chueca madrid for students

Chueca is worldwide known for being the gay neighborhood of Madrid. It used to be an slum until the decade of the 80’s, when impulsed by La Movida, different clubs and bars for homosexuals were opened in this suburb. With the time, homosexuals started to move to this part of the city and established different shops, transforming this neighborhood completely. Chueca is also known for the Gay Pride celebration, which attracts people from the whole country. Going on party on Chueca is alsoa god option, it’s always full of young people and not all the clubs are gay, so you can choose from a wide variety.


student accommodation in madrid lavapies

Lavapiés is also what we call a barrio castizo, a traditional Spanish neighborhood. Most of its inhabitants are workers and the multiculturality in Lavapiés is higher that in other city areas. After the Spanish civil war this part of the city was abandoned and it was not until the 70’s decade when the young inhabitants of Madrid started to move to this area because of the lower prices of the properties. It’s also the area where associations have more importance in Madrid and it’s also typical to celebrate foreign festivities such as Ramadan and The Chinesse New Year. Living in Lavapiés is cheaper than in other centric areas and it’s also a safe area to live.


Chamberí district is located in the north of the city Centre and is really close to one  of the most known universities of the city, UPM. When we walk around Chamberí, we realize that it’s the typical Spanish district, what we normally call castizo. The buildings in this area are huge, beautiful and remind us that once the Spanish aristocracy used to own a house there. That’s why we can still admire buildings from the XIX century, which are quite expensive for students. We can say that some of the neighborhoods of this district are considered to be exclusive in Madrid Centre, and the price per room goes from 450€ to 650€, depending on the location and the equipment. We don’t really reccommend you to live there unless you find an affordable place in a good location for you.

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