You are thinking about your Erasmus in Bilbao and you start to think about how cool it’s going to be, all the plans you want to do, all the people you’re going to meet… but suddenly the eternal doubts comes to you ¿and what do I bring in my suitcase? ¿What do I need there? ¿How do I get to the center from the airport? Do not worry anymore! We will clarify all the doubts you have. In addition, by renting a flat with us you have the option of taking a “premium welcome pack” that includes, among other advantages, the pick-up from your point of arrival and take you to your new home.

The main thing to keep in mind is to be aware of where you are going to come and to know the climatology of the place. Yes, it is Spain, but it is the north, and here it is cold and rainy all year, especially between the months of October and May. Thanks to our proximity to the sea it is very rare that we have subzero temperatures in the city, but in the surroundings and in the mountains we have snow in the winter months.

On cold days in winter the temperature can vary between 1* C and 5 *C, while on the hot days the temperature can reach 15 *C in the sun. But this should not lower the spirits! The plans do not stop, the city does not stop and people continue to go out to the streets to take something otherwise is raining or not. The basque people are hard to crack.

That said, the basic essentials to bring on the rainy and cold season is:

– Thermal underwear (if you are very cold)

– Comfortable footwear resistant to water.

– A parka (to dress like a local).

– Jacket / Rain jacket.

– Hat.

– Sweater.

– Scarf.

– Umbrella.

– Gloves.

– Long pajamas.

– Blanket

– Mountain pants (it will look silly but to bring a pair of pants like this can save you from finishing fretwork in a very rainy day)

After this list, you can adapt it according to how cold you are and your style. This is just an indicative list to go comfy and endure the cold and the rain well. We want your stay in Bilbao to be as pleasant as possible! Although it is already known that there is a no better plan on a cold and rainy day, than a sofa and a blanket in one of our fantastic flats that you can find here:

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