We also have been students so we have a lot of experience trying to pass through diferent types of exams. The test exams are easier because you have more chances to guess the correct answer.

As we want the best for you and we know that is time for the final exams we are going to let you here some pieces of advice to maximize your chances of passing a test exam.


1 If there is one option wich is much longer than others, thats the correct one.

It is because, the most common reason for making a long answer, is explaining it correctly so it need to be explained totally. It is not common to see a long answer between short options and be incorrect.

2 The answer that contains the word never or always are incorrect.

Ths is a realy easy way to make and afirmation false. Just adding one of those words the answer will be false because normally, there are always some exceptions to every afirmation, so if you stuck with an option like this, you will know what to do.

3 Read all the exam before you start answering it.

Sometimes the teachers makes 2 or 3 questions in the test about the same subject so it can gives you some clue about the other questions, so dont precipitate and read all the questions of the exam looking for information.

4 All the options are true/false.

If we had an infinite exam with questions like this, there would be more correct answers with the true options than flase. This is because is easier to make 4 correct answers than make up 4 false options where 1 of them have look like orrect.

5 To pass this kind of exams it is really important to keep calm and dont precipitate.

With all this pieces of advices you can pass a test without sudying but is really important to keep the mind relaxed and dont think about the time left. More than the 50% of the fails in this questions are because of answering before you read all the options.

We hope you all pass your exams with this pieces of advice and they help you as they helped us.

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