“I must leave home. It’s about time ”, at least once in life we ​​will have to make this decision and, possibly, it will be the beginning of our new life, changing addresses will always consist of modifications in routine, decoration and even recreation, but Moving from your home indicates more complex processes in which the ups and downs are triggered by emotional shocks, is to vigorously sustain that the time has come to pick up and turn off the light in the bedroom where you shared much of your life.

The route to becoming independent is maturity. Taking the backpack and closing the door of your home, heading towards another north, announces the closing of a cycle of your life and the passage to new opportunities or situations that this change will imply. The reasons for making such a decision vary, but the results are equally advantageous, especially for your mental health.

To become independent is a challenge of personal improvement, taking your own reins and knowing that nothing can stop you more than yourself, that time will be at your disposal. Does the idea appeal to you?

We will tell you 4 personal benefits of renting a space just for you …

Manage your finances. When we live at home with our parents, we do not know how to manage the home: payment of debts and services, expenses on food, medications and other unforeseen events that may arise. Now that you will live alone, you will face your own expenses and you will learn to distribute your money, you will be able to buy what you want, without being questioned; however, it is advisable to have a savings fund. This planning will be useful to apply it in many fields of your life.

Focus your purpose. Absent ourselves from a space where opinions or prejudices abounded and where every decision-making was subject to it, will allow you to clearly assess what you really want in your life and how you can guide your steps, because now you are facing everything, without voices that rumble or cloud your way to your goals. Introspection will be your projection and knowledge of the areas that surround you.

Responsibility in your actions. You will know that every decision will have cause and effect, there will no longer be anyone who alerts you or judges you for what you do. Living alone will be an excellent experience for your personal, social, family and even work growth; you learn to protect yourself and build your character, to say “NO” without regrets or to evaluate that “YES” a little more, you will have greater awareness of your actions and you will understand yourself as a being capable of taking risks, with you as the sole responsible and judge .

Better manage your tasks. Well, this section is a tacit result in your new life cycle. Away from home, the time is adjusted to tasks that only you are going to order by priority, commitment and even your “desire”. The hours must be complemented with working, studying, shopping, doing some errands, housework, having fun or just sleeping and sleeping, we do not always have the spirit to “do something” and to live accompanied sometimes this pleasure of life.

And the pleasures? Let’s start the list of 13 favorable points when achieving your independence …

You do not have to ask permission to leave, explain where you will go or with whom, nor do you have to argue your arrival time.

You have complete freedom to listen to your favorite music, outside of musical indulgences that displease you.

You can receive visits at the time you want, without the need for authorization or hours.

You enjoy a better concentration in your work, since there are not many distracting elements.

Your bedroom will take order when you consider it necessary and you will clean on time.

You can have plants or pets (according to the conditions of the rental agreement).

The decoration is your way, with a lot or a little, it does not matter, only you will appreciate that touch of imagination and personality.

Your food will be safe in the fridge, in the pantry or wherever you want to store it, without feeling that you are at risk of losing it.

The bathroom will be available always and without time limit to use it.
You can cook at the time you want and eat as you like.

You will live in peace when someone takes or deteriorates any of your personal items.

The alarm clocks of others will not interrupt your sleep.

The temperature is controlled by you. If you are cold, you can adjust the heating to suit you, or cool your floor or room when you are hot. They are your rules and your tastes.

Independence is one of the most important decisions in the life of the human being, the personal evolution that arises thanks to it will allow you to know yourself more and respond to the environment around you. In addition, you will value the company a little more, you will be self-sufficient and you will assume the situations with greater value, you will know your capabilities, you will enjoy your solitude and above all, you will learn to live with you and for yourself. Self-improvement is knowing yourself and knowing how far you can go, regardless of age or the reason why you assume to live alone.

It is recommended that when making the decision to move and start your new course, you have the support of a real estate agent such as SwiftFlats, who will accompany and advise you during the process of changing your address, facilitating the location of the apartment or room, and assuming the corresponding legal steps. Count on us and avoid inconveniences when renting an apartment, what are you waiting for? 

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