Imagine that you go for Erasmus to Bilbao and you have to rent a room to live in the city. You have two options, one that will take you to your new room spending a lot of money and a lot of time, and the other, with which you will find the room of your dreams in 4 clicks and with all the security that SwifFlats offers.

OPTION A: Before going to Bilbao, you searched for the flat at www.swiftflats.com.

You were two days looking for the apartment that you liked most, about 4h per day from home. In addition, with SwiftFlats, you not only find a floor with the facility of 4 clicks, but with the “Basic Pack” of 125€ you get a safe rent, medical coverage *, civil liability *, online assistance to help you with any questions related with the flat during the entire stay and contract with the owner of the lease (for mobility grants).

And it would be!

OPTION B: You arrive in Bilbao and you do not have a house yet, so decide to stay for a week in the cheapest hostel you can find: 14€ per night in low season, which total 98€. There you must share a room with another 7 people and the hostel does not have a kitchen, so you should eat out every day or try to eat in the common area.

The average price of the daily menu in Bilbao is between € 10-15, so eating every day out, a week, would be a total of € 140 and € 210, and without breakfast. All this already makes a total of between € 238 and € 308.

On the other hand you still  have to search the flat, hours scrutinizing various internet pages to find what is left. This will more or less take you about 4 hours online every day.

During these 4 hours, let’s say you spend half of the hours calling the owners, to see if the flat you have seen is available and to see if you can visit it. Here it is not only the cost of the calls, but the handicap that the owner could maybe not speak English and you can not communicate well with him.

Now it’s time to move around Bilbao to visit all the apartments that you have decided are worth seeing. Let’s say that this process is about 3h between trips by public transport (metro 91 cents each section in an area, tram 73 cents and the bus 65 cents), see the different flats, etc. So there are now 7 hours online and offline.

In Bilbao for public transport, the Barik is used, which costs € 3 and you put money in blocks of 5-10-15-20 and 50€. With an estimate of 5 trips per day (only to see flats), in the week they are just over a lil 30€.

Making all these calculations the estimated expenditure of money and time is:

– € 366-436 in 7 days (€ 62.28 per day)

– 49h total weekly online and offline (7h each day)

Searching with SwiftFlats, do not say more than, you not only saved money, but you gained time and tranquility. You have been able to enjoy cultural activities, get to know Bilbao, its cuisine, etc. since the first day.

With SwiftFlats everything is comfort!

* Services offered as of June 2018 with possible modification of the associated rate.

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