Are you a student or a tourist and have you just arrived in the city? Or do you just want to become independent? Whatever the reason you are looking for a flat to rent, it is a process that can be enjoyable and easy if you follow the appropriate steps and have the advice of professionals in the area.

Today we share some of the steps to follow to facilitate the search and rental process:


Mainly, you must know how much money you have for rent, at most 30% of your income. Depending on your needs and priorities, you must take into account the type of area, the characteristics of the apartment and the proximity to certain places of interest, this can vary the price.


Once the budget is calculated, the real search begins. To do this, you can rely on a platform like the one offered by SwiftFlats, where you can find out the availability of the flat, the cost, the location and the furniture.

You can also use traditional media, such as advertisements on television or posted on the streets. References are also often helpful when looking for a place to live.


It is important that when you find a rental flat that interests you, make an appointment to visit it. In this case, time is money, and taking a decision can mean losing your home purchase.

In the case of our SwiftFlats platform, we are constantly updating the availability of the floors. Therefore, if you are guided by a platform like this, we recommend that you always be aware of the information on that floor that interests you and / or the publication of others that may be of interest to you.


If you feel convinced that the apartment is the right one, that is, it does not go out of your budget and is in the right conditions and area, do not miss the opportunity to rent it. On the day of the visit you can carry an amount of money in case you want to reserve it. In any case, this part of the process will vary according to the rules of the tenant and / or real estate that is managing the rental.

The contract:

If both you and the tenant pay the rent, a contract must be signed, a document, which must include a detailed inventory of the house. This is usually written by the landlord.

Rights and duties:

Once the rent is finalized, it is important that, as a tenant, you know your rights and duties. One of the main ones is the duty to pay the rent. Meeting these obligations will allow you to keep the apartment for much longer and have a pleasant relationship with the landlords.

Take all these steps into account when renting your flat and make this process easier for you.

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