The cheerful city of Córdoba, located in southern Spain, is the third largest in Andalusia. Its historic center has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994 and some of its historical monuments have been there since 1984. On the other hand, it is also a modern and updated city, which is why it has many places to party, designed for young people and a gastronomy that makes the difference with respect to other Andalusian cities. Then we will tell you what monuments are what make this city so beautiful and what are the reasons why you should do your Erasmus there.

First of all, how could it be otherwise, we are going to present the mosque of Cordoba. This mythical place of the Spanish geography, began to be built in the year 785, and according to tourist surveys of 2014, it is the most visited monument in Spain next to the Alhambra in Granada. This mosque is the third largest in the world, has more than 850 columns, and its visual effects of light and shadow will make those who attend this essential event really enjoy a visit.


In second place we have the Alcázar de los Reyes. This military building began to be built in the year 1328, by order of the then King of Castile, Alfonso XI. The gardens and patios that surround it make it a really splendid place, making it an ideal place to visit calmly and enjoy all the details left by this historic monument. In addition, the Alcázar is declared of cultural interest and forms part of the historic center, which makes this visit absolutely essential.


Leaving aside the historical monuments of the city, which are many and varied, we also want to highlight other attractions of the city with more youthful character. The nightlife of the city is, as in any university city, very lively and practically daily. The city center hosts dozens of “pubs” and discos that attract the university public and that give life to this city at night. Room M100, Bambu club, Ophium … There are many clubs that fill their rooms week after week thanks to the public tributary of Erasmus that increases every year.

Leaving aside the night-time activities, we also wanted to highlight the gastronomy of this city, which makes the experience of those who visit the city really pleasant. One of the most remarkable examples is the Cordovan “salmorejo”. This famous dish has evolved remarkably, since previously it was very common in the most humble homes, but little by little it has been increasingly recognized in the cuisine of Cordoba. It is a cold cream with tomato base, a little bread and oil. This dish is being imitated by the great chefs and is used as a gourmet appetizer adding different ingredients to vary its flavor.

Salmorejo Cordobés. Razones para visitar Córdoba

These are the main reasons to visit this city, which we are sure will mark a before and after in your lives. We hope that this article has helped you and has improved your stay in the city. If you want to read more articles from other Spanish cities, do not hesitate to visit our blog. If you are coming to Córdoba and you are looking for accommodation, do not hesitate to enter our website and find your ideal room.

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