Everything is ready. You have everything ready. You have found through our website, swiftflats.com, the ideal flat in which you will live. You’ve looked at our post about what basic clothes to bring for the cold months. You are prepared. You come to Bilbao! But … how do you move to Bilbao? How do you move around? Once here, what do you need to know? Do not worry! We are going to explain to you all the process to follow to get to your new home safe and sound.

When you rent a room with us you have the possibility of taking a “Premium welcome pack” where you will find, apart from other advantages, the pick-up service at the point of your arrival. With this, taking this pack is a good enough option if you are somewhat confused and you prefer a direct arrival without complications.

If instead you decide to launch in the adventure and discover your inner Indiana Jones, here we leave you how to get from the Airport to the center:

As soon as you exit through the arrivals door, you have to go to the right side of the room. There, at the end, there is a bus stop outside where the A3247 passes by, there is not much loss, it is the only bus that goes by there.

The A3247 line of Bizkaibus connects the city of Bilbao with the Airport in 15 minutes.


BILBAO – AIRPORT from 05:25 to 21:55 every 30 minutes approximately.

AIRPORT – BILBAO from 06:15 to 00:00 every 30 minutes approximately.


  • Simple Trip € 1.45
  • Creditrans: € 1.13
  • Gizatrans 0.59 €

In the arrivals area there is a point of sale and a BARIK card recharge.

Hours: from 07:30 to 23:30.

Clicking HERE will leave a PDF with all the stops and the exact time.

You can always pay in cash the price of a single trip.


The barik is the transport card, pre-paid, which is used for all public transports in Bilbao. You can use it personalized or not, its cost is € 3 and you can buy it in any vending machine, which are located within all stations. In these machines you can also buy roundtrip tickets or just one way.

The barik works by money and not by travels, that is, you charge € 5 in the card and depending on where you move you can make more or less trips. Without leaving the center of Bilbao center € 5 could give for 6 trips, if you are already between two lines, about 4.


The Bilbao metro is very easy and simple, it only has 3 lines, of which surely you will end up using only 2 and moving around in 1.

From Monday to Thursday, and on Sundays, the subway timetable is from 6h to 22.30h (address Bilbao) or 23.20 (Address Plentzia or Kabiezes), on Fridays it lasts a little longer and it lasts until 2h. On Saturdays the subway operates all the night every half hour from approximately 22.00h.

Remember that you have to pass the barik or the ticket both to enter and to leave!

With all these data we hope that the knowledge about your move to Bilbao has been expanded and now, it is easier for you to know how to move to Bilbao and that the information has served you well. For anything else you have us in any social network, the website or here in the blog.

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