The dwelling is an important part of the life. It’s the place where, in the end, you’re going to spend the most of your time, therefore it has to be chosen cautiously. And for your Erasmus it isn’t going to be any different. A house suitable for your needs, of quality, with the security that what you are seeing in the pictures is what you are going to get, good price and overall,  good vibes with your roommates, as is with them which you are going to spend most of your time.

From Swiftflats we want you to feel like home, an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy selection of your future room and with the certainty of what you see in the pictures is what you get. No scam. With our platform you have the conviction that all of our flats and their landlords are real, legal and of quality.

We are a team who works really hard everyday to surpass ourselves and to be capable of offer you the best service as possible always. Renting a room with us you will have peace of mind and convincement that there is no trick.

The case of a person who was scamed 1.800€ by renting a flat with a person which met in Facebook came to us. This girl sent him the money in advanced by a bank transference payment and never heard back from the person nor the money. We also had  some cases where some people rented a room to a particular person, and the moment before getting there, the landlords cancelled the booking, and they have to live in a hostel for weeks or even months.

Our flats obey all laws and regulations of every area we work in, and all our landlords make renting contracts, which is the one that serves the universities to arrange the mobility of scholarships. So you will always get the money of the scholarships which belongs to you.

There are even some flats that appear in the web page (www.swiftflats.com) which are managed by ourselves, what does this mean? You will have a direct treatment with our team, positive and legal between Swiftflats and you at the front of any incident or doubt that you could have. Furthermore, most of the flats which are in the web, are verified personally by us.

Another aspect to highlight is that all our bookings for our flats are for short-term stay. You will never have the problem of renting the flat of your dreams because you can’t stay longer, our bookings are from 3 to 12 months. And during all your stay we will be with an eye on any need you could have.

            If you have any problem during your stay with us you will have 100% FREE counseling! Also before renting any apartment we offer several welcome packs, where you can select everything you need for your stay in your new destination without complications. For everything to be easier in the new city and for it to be a pleasure to move to your new home.

In addition, from our quality  service and quantity of apartments you can verify that the cost range is within the market price. Which means you’re never going to pay more than normal.

Still having doubts about choosing Swiftflats? Surely talking to your future flatmates clarifies any doubt, because, if you did not know, we offer you to speak with them once you have booked the flat to ensure where you are going, what you will find there and especially, see the good vibes with which you are going to live; D


SWIFTFLATS, much more than flats for students!

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