Internet is a really good oportunity for people who want to make business because it is really easy to find people who want to buy your products or services. Nevertheless it is also a usefull tool for the swindlers because they can hide their identity and they can impersonate another people for bamboozle potential clients with fake ads.

Fortunately, the hustlers leave clues in the way so we can identify them, and as we dont want our readers been traped, we are going to tell you how to spot the swindlers.

If you are buying in a web page, you have to look on the top side to the left, near the url, the label wich tell us the security of the web.

As you see, Swiftflat has the secure label at his left, o with this, you can trust completely in the web because it will use your information as the law says. If the web has a non secure label dont put your bank or personal information because they will use it as they want.

Another way to see if a seller is a swidler or not, is to analise the text he send you. This clue is for webs of secondhand products. Normally in this webs you have to talk with the seller. If the text has no sense at all or it looks like it has been translated from other language, it is probably a fake saller so dont trust him at all. The best way to be secure is continue texting him to see his real identity.

The last piece of advice is to look for information of the seller on the Internet to see other clients opinions and check the quality of the products before you buy them.

We hope this clues are usefull for you and you dont have any problem at all when you buy on th Internet.

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