Before starting to look for a flat in Bilbao on the Internet, we must know which is the most efficient method to find a flat. For this we must know before anything in what area of ​​the city are we interested so that the search is accurate and we do not get options that we will discard when we see them.

The best communicated areas are usually the most chosen because they allow you to move around the city without any problem. At the same time, these areas are where the best atmospheres are, both by day and by night, since there is always something to do in this city. If we had to choose the best neighborhoods to live in Bilbao our selection would be the following:

First Deusto. It is a really nice and quiet district, very well connected with other cities in the province thanks to the metro and other public transport services. It is located next to the river of Bilbao and it is home to around 50,000 people. It has a great youthful atmosphere since there is the famous University of Deusto, which hosts dozens of exchange students every year. During the year, activities with great international repercussion are carried out in the river, such as the “Red Bull Cliff Diving” or the “Estropatada”.

In second place we have the Indautxu neighborhood. This neighborhood is the nerve center of the city. Here most of the activities are concentrated, both day and night, except for the old town, where “poteo” predominates. In Indautxu are the main nightclubs of the city and also, is where the football atmosphere is concentrated on match days, in the mythical street called pozas. But not everything is partying, in this neighborhood there are also a lot of great restaurants quality where you can try all kinds of gastronomy.

In third and last place is the Casco Viejo. This area is the oldest in the city and in it are the most typical restaurants of the Bilbao gastronomy. Without a doubt it is the best area to enjoy the Basque culture since this is where all the activities related to it are concentrated. From the “gaztetxe” (youth house) to the “Plaza nueva”.

These are, from our point of view, the best neighborhoods to live in Bilbao depending on what each of them can offer you. We hope this information helps you in your searching proccess.

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