How many times have you wondered about rent prices in a given city? Probably, more than you can remember. But do you know the anwser?

In SwiftFlats, many students request information about the actual average rent price before deciding to come to Spain through Erasmus. We kindly provide them the information, though we are aware that there are many rental places above the price we provide.

This is one of the many services we offer to students in search for bedrooms or flats. However, SwiftFlats goes far beyond your room booking! SwiftFlats provides you the full Erasmus experience in order for you to have a superb stay!

pack erasmus premium con SwiftFlats

But we are not only concerned about our users, since we have decided to adress the average rent prices in Spanish main cities.

In fact, the success of tourism and the growing supply of flats in online platforms, which are specialised in bedroom and full flat rentals, have caused a substantial rise in prices during the last year in Spain (rent prices have increased almost 16 %).

Sorted by autonomous community, the highest increase was in Catalonia (26.8%) followed by Madrid (18%) and Baleares (13.8%). And the lowest increase was in Extremadura (1.1%) and Murcia (1.7%).

Catalonia, Madrid and Basque Country continue to be the most expensive communities while Extremadura, Murcia and Castila La Mancha are the cheapest.

If we pay attention to capital cities, Valencia with an increase of 20.3%, San Sebastián 17%, Barcelona 16.5, and Madrid 15.6% show the highest price rises in 2016.

Barcelona is consolidated as the most expensive Spanish capital city (17.9€/m2), followed by Madrid (14.4€/m2) and San Sebastián (13.6€/m2). On the other hand, Lugo (4.1€/m2), Ourense and

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