There are a lot of reasons for study abroad with an Erasmus program but there is no one better to speak about it than a person who has tried this experience.

This student is German and he has been 1 year studying in Bilbao. He started his journey alone, which is recommendable because it makes you know more people from different cultures and dont remain in your friends circle.

The first positive aspect of the Erasmus program is discover new cultures and meet new people. This is really important because you can learn a lot from other different cultures. Living with people from differente cultures makes you change your way of thinkng and it is really important for your future. Our student also learned a lot from different styles of gastronomy.

The second positive aspect about the erasmus is the indepence you get by living alone. The most of the students live with their parents because they are between 20 and 25 years old. If they chose to live alone they confront a really big change in the way they used to live. If their parents used to do their daily tasks it gives them a huge responsability and with this experience they mature a lot.

In the other side there is the leisure. It is the main activity for people who goes to study abroad. The most part of the students want to do an erasmus program because of the party. They start partying very often but they reguate that because it requires a lot of money and energy.

Other good reason for going to study abroad is the subjects that you study. Our student has told us that is really easy to pass the exams when you study in other country. This is not always true because we have also histories about other students who had a bad academic experience but it is not the usual. Normally the host university gives more chances to an erasmus student than a home one.

These are the main aspects of the erasmus wich our students has chosen as the best. We hope these pieces of advice are useful for you and if you are doubting about doing the eramus or not.

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