If you are going to study outside of your town or village and you are going to live alone or in a student flat, or if it is the first time you are going to live alone and you are not used to do all the daily tasks, we recommend you to read this article where a veteran Erasmus student tells us his experience living alone.
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First of all, although it seems the simplest option, do not base your diet on pre cooked food and fast food, or you will regret it after a few weeks. It is not difficult to lead a healthy life as a student, it only requires a bit of organization, and if you live with a roommate, it is even easier since you can divide the work. On the Internet you can find hundreds of pages of simple and healthy recipes such as this one. There are a lot of basic recipes that can be really useful for people who has not a lot of time to spend on the kitchen.

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Secondly, parties are the central engine of the Erasmus, but if you go to a lot of them you end up getting tired. The normal thing is that at the start of your stage of Erasmus you write down to all the parties that you see, but as the time pass you are going to have to diminish the rhythm by 2 main reasons: the money and the health. As time goes by you will realize that the nightlife is more expensive than it seemed and that you do not have as much energy during the day as you had before. Being an Erasmus student, you will have a wide range of options for partying but there are times when it is better to refrain from going to any.

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Finally, the most advisable thing to go to live only from Erasmus, is to share the flat with another student. First of all, if you go alone to a country that you do not know, you already have someone to talk to and explain things to you from the university or the city itself. You will also divide the work with him when doing domestic chores and that, although it does not seem very important, you will end up thanking him as time goes by. For these reasons, what we recommend is to rent a room in an apartment with 2 or more rooms to ensure that you will live with another student.

The best way to ensure that you are going to have a roommate who is also a student, you should rent your room in a web wich is dedicates especially to students. If you you rent a flat with a traditional web you can a a lot of different mates. So to ensure he is a student like you, check websites wich are especialiced in students like this.

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