Sharing an apartment on Erasmus

Erasmus period is for many students the first time they live out from their parent’s house. For many of them, it’s a challenge to face the daily duties in an unknown enviroment with unknown people. Despite this, the new situation normally make students more self-confident. In this article we are going to show you the benefits of sharing an apartment with unknown people during your Erasmus stay.

Share of the expenses

sharing an apartment

Yes, one of the main benefits of sharing a flat with other students is that you share the monthly expenses of the apartment. That way, the final price of the flat is going to be cheaper than if you were living alone. You can spend the money you save in books, trips, parties, and other adventures!

Saving time

Woman cleaning kitchen counter

Apart from sharing the monthly expenses, it’s also very common to distribute the homework between the people living in the flat. That way, you are going to save a lot of time and you are not going to have to clean the bathroom every single week ;). This distribution is also very helpful to avoid conflicts with your flatmates, because everyone has to collaborate.

Learning different Languages


Having a good relationship with your flatmates will allow you to learn more about their countries and about their languages. But be realistic, you are not going to be fluent in German in 5 months and if you live with italians, you are only going to learn swear words. You can spend your Erasmus saying “cazzo di merda” while your shake your hand and feel like the godfather.

International Dinners

sharing apartment and meals

Sharing an apartment with people from different countries is also amazing because you will have the chance to try meals from different parts of the world. Don’t be shy, cook something typical from your country for your roomates and they will do the same for you. International dinners are also a good opportunity to invite classmates and make new friends if your roomates do the same.

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