You should keep in mind these 7 things when you share a student flat!!

Usually, when we study abroad or in a different city within our country, the best and cheapest option is to look for a shared student flat with students in a similar situation.

1- Roommates

When we look for a shared flat, it is mostly important to know in advance whom we are spending the next few months with. Now, thanks to SwiftFlats, it is possible to sneak the profile of your future roommates and also meet them, since finding roommates is certainly an arduous task!


Though, it is a thrilling experience and you can be pleasantly surprised.

2- Furniture and / or decoration of the flat

How many of you have found the flat you were looking for but with a decoration that took you back to the 60s? It is certainly one of the strong suits of student floor seekers, since “Made in Ikea” or minimalist flats are scarce.

This is why it is important that the flat allows for easy solutions or mobility as regards the furniture. Take into account that you will find interesting options among the furniture discarded in the corners by your neighbours around the area!!

3- Sharing refrigerator shelves

This is a task for either engineers or “Tetris” experts. But rest easy, here is the answer: a good rock, paper, scissors game to distribute the central shelves of the refrigerator. 

On the sides are the drinks with the name of the owner written in black marker. And on the eggs too. In any case, that’s what the eggshell was made for on the first place, wasn’t it?

Take special care with the spare ketchup and mayonnaise packets of student dinners!! They usually get lost inside the fridge, and they can make a mess if you do not clean it regularly.

4- Cleaning up

This is the most troublesome part. Although you must make a list with the tasks and the person in charge of the task with shifts or schedules, laziness usually takes over and bad habits may once again generate discomfort.


An option for this not to happen is to reward those who complete the tasks successfully or to punish the lazier ones with the cleaning after a student party!! Yes, one of those parties that end up with pizza leftovers and empty glasses filling the few spaces that remained clean!

5- You should let know your roommates about any visitors 

In student flat it is common for friends, sisters, or brothers to come visit us sometime and if there is not enough space in our bedroom, the sofa usually becomes the saviour.

The problem comes when nobody knew about the visit and you find the sofa taken over by a completely unexpected person who left his/her clothes on the floor!! For this reason, the best option is to tell your roommates beforehand so that you avoid any awkward or uncomfortable situation.

6- Where is homemade food?

Unless you have a Master Chef participant at home, homemade food is hard to find. Mum’s Tupperware are a gift from Heaven.

From time to time, it is advisable to make a meal together and take a break from the everyday pizza. In addition, rent a flat with a storage room, you can use it to store some food, apart from your suitcases.

7- A good “Exam Kit”

Last but not least, the “exam kit” is essential in all shared student flats. You will also need to contribute to the common piggybank every month to refill it.

The “Exam Kit” must have:

  • Paper, and / or notebooks
  • Pens, and markers
  • Sellotape, glue, and scissors
  • Jelly, honey, ginseng, phosphorus or other products for students to improve performance
  • Basic medicines, like ibuprofen or paracetamol, always help
  • Spare batteries

Chocolate, lots of chocolate (this is critical)

You should certainly keep this seven things in mind. They will be vital in your near future, take note in your diary or notepad and let’s get you to work!

Good luck with the search and with your new family in a shared student flat!!

And have you any experience in a shared flat that you want to share with us? Do you have any secrets to improve daily coexistence in a shared flat?

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